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New Rock's all-in-one collaborative communication platform, NewLync, supports efficient communication features such as mobile extensions, audio and video conferencing, and instant messaging.
NewLync can help hybrid workers to improve remote office communication efficiency and help business to create a secure, efficient digital workspace.

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Solution Value
  • HD Audio and Video Conference

    · 10-400 party HD meeting, support video conferencing, audio conferencing, teleconferencing

    · Join meeting by various terminals, cell phone, PC, IP phone and meeting hub

    · Support Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows platform

  • Multi-site Networking

    · Headquarters and remote branches networking, support inter free extension calls, call transfer

    · New branches or offices can directly access the existing communication system, without changing the existing network architecture

  • Efficient Online Communication

    · With a variety of communication methods such as text, voice, pictures and video files, it is easy to achieve smooth and simple communication

    · Support text, unlimited voice messages, organizational structure, corporate contact book and other features

    · Users can realize efficient digital communication, such as mobile phones/computers are mobile offices

  • Multi-level Organization Structure

    ·Users can quickly find co-workers by multi-level contact book

    ·Support quick search for contacts, users can quickly find contacts to initiate conversations, calls and meetings, saving time and improving efficiency

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