OM200G for Africa Hospital & Clinic VoIP System

About the Customer

Lesotho, known as the Kingdom of Lesotho, with Maseru as its capital, is in the southeastern part of the Africa. The hospital and clinic project in the region built with the assistance of a Chinese construction group, is the largest medical project under construction in the Kingdom of Lesotho. Equipped with advanced medical equipment, the hospital provides medical training, detects, and treats various diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis, and provides high-quality medical services for the regional people. The hospital is a 200-bed district-level general hospital, with a construction area of 21,000 square meters, including facilities for outpatient and emergency care, inpatient care, administration, and dormitories for training staff, as well as telemedicine and teaching facilities and major medical equipment.

Project Requirements

1. To protect the daily telephone communications of the hospital's emergency, inpatient, staff dormitories and administrative buildings, each area can be set up for short code dialing, speed dialing

2. External numbers, connected to the local operator's communications network

3. Hospital contact book, can quickly find and contact the appropriate person

4. Set up office/non-office hours of high-quality telephone consulting custom IVR, to enhance the efficiency of the department to find, improve service satisfaction

5. With rich IP telephony features to improve hospital management and office efficiency

6. Support docking hospital buildings broadcast intercom, security alarms and other CCTV terminals

7. Guarantee the reliability of communication, provide power supply, network port redundancy, and other effective disaster recovery and backup solutions

New Rock Related Product

lOM200G IP PBX Support up to 496 trunks, 400 IP extensions.

lMX60E-G 32FXO-2AC Dual Power Supply Redundancy

l11 sets of MX60E-32SC can support 352 analog extensions.

New Rock Solution

Server Room

1.32 outbound numbers connected to local carrier lines by deploying FXO port MX60E-G gateways.

2.352 analog extensions connected to 11 MX60E-32SC VoIP gateways via FXS port.

3.Deployment of 1 set of OM200G IP PBX

Office areas

1.Deploy 352 third-party desktop analog phones in various hospital areas.

Customer Value
Easy of Deployment
In large hospitals with multiple buildings, VoIP can save a lot of time and labor costs on cabling.
System Reliability
Dual power redundancy and FXO failover ability ensures communication reliability.

Supportive with many brands SIP phones and PBX platforms

Short number dialing to save internal communication costs

Open API Interfacing

OM IP PBX provides API interfaces to interface with hospital management systems, broadcasting, and video surveillance systems to provide unified communication capabilities, endless opportunities for future custom software application connection

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