OM50G for Africa Hospital

A stable efficient phone system is without the question very important to the hospital's daily operation, whether for doctors, patients, or medical assistants.
By adopting VoIP Not only the hospital call enjoy a huge cost saving on the daily phone bill, but they can also have flexibility and mobility with the softphones. When doctors visit patients, no more missed calls from the office.
The VoIP system allows the hospital to improve communication and collaboration efficiency while saving costs and providing efficiency.
Check out the New Rock OM20G IP PBX and Wewei Softphone application at a local hospital in Africa.


  1. Deploy OM50G IP PBX
  2. Deploy MX8G in the office to utilize the legacy analog phones
  3. Deploy IP Phons for administration
  4. Deploy Wewei softphones for doctors to take phone calls whenever they are

Customer Value

  1. Improve reception efficiency with  customized IVR  and 24*7 auto-attendant
  2. Save time for patient reception, reduce wait times
  3. Save cost on phone bills with VoIP
  4. Provide mobility for doctors and medical care
  5. Easy deployment, no more landlines
  6. Easy maintenance for IT staff
  7. Call recording for the hospital to assure service quality

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