OM8000 for 4 star Chain Hotel


X Hotel is a brand chain hotel with a simple and quality design style, popular hotel facilities, and great quality service in China. It is committed to providing the best hotel service for sophisticated elite business travelers, and has dozens of hotels located in the central areas in the metropolitans in China.

Requirement---Upgrade to VoIP system

1.The Hotel was still using the analog phone system, which needs VoIP transformation to improve its  overall hotel service quality.

2.New Rock deployed a set of OM8000 IP PBX to meet the deployment of 1500 extensions in the hotel, providing highly reliable and secure PSTN access.

  • 3.Through the MX60E VoIP gateway deployed on each floor to provide low-cost and highly reliable analog phones in guest rooms. The flexible distributed deployment can significantly reduce wiring and maintenance costs.
  • 4.The hotel reception computer is installed with a hotel-customized call that can help the reception staff operate a system to facilitate efficient handling of the incoming calls.
  • 5.Provide an open PMSI interface to connect with hotel PMS.
  • 6.Provide an open API interface to meet the future intelligent transformation of hotels.

Hotel intelligent audio system

New Rock integrated the sound box+ guest control panel + intelligent service assistant + hotel telephone network + audio and video entertainment system together, replace the traditional room phone with an integrated intelligent audio service system.

Hotel virtual reception

New Rock combined the  AI technology and hotel routine communication business together to upgrade the intelligent hotel reception and telephone system, replaced the reception staff with artificial intelligence to communicate more intelligently. Use virtual robots to complete a series of tasks, from completing customer arrival confirmation to check-out and renewal reminders, guest needs and consulting services, etc

Why New Rock
New Rock has been a new generation of intelligent communication solution and service provider, since the establishment in 2003. We have always taken R&D as our core value and insisted on independent innovation. We provide future-oriented intelligent communication products and services for telecommunication operators, governments, enterprises, and other industries.


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