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According to statistics, call recordings are increasingly necessary for enterprises, as such recordings can help enterprises appraise employees’ sales and service standards, provide valid evidence in commercial disputes, and uncover high value-added information from massive audio data. Nowadays, many industries, including banks, securities brokerages, insurance companies, and government hotlines, expressly and specifically require a “call recording of the entire service process”.

Traditional call recording means consist of recording boxes, cassettes, and recording (answering) machines, which are individual units at large and hence prove difficult for centralized management.

New Rock now offers a variety of call recording solutions based on product property, business scale, and industrial features.Users may achieve complete, reliable, and secure call recording and storage with individual or multi-point centralized management. If combined with the latest AI technology, recordings can even be easily converted into a text.

1. Call recording for sales and customer service departments of MSEs/small call centers/MLEs (< 50 people)

---Economical and practical
OM IP-PBX can achieve easy full-process call recording without a recording card, recording box, or recording (answering) machine. Recoding files can be stored on a built-in flash memory of the OM IP-PBX (which supports loop recording), or alternatively on the server (which supports long-term storage).

---Simple and easy to use

With the NeeHau™ client-side installed on a computer, the graphical interface enables search, recording and extraction, downloading, and backup of recording documents, offering simple operation without IT support.

Typical applications: telephone marketing/customer service hotlines, small law firms, and small human resources service companies.

2. Call recording for MLEs/large call centers (> 50 people)

---High-concurrent recording

OM IP-PBX supports more than 100 concurrent call recordings, and stacking of multiple devices support a maximum of 300 real-time concurrent call recordings;
---Server storage

The New Rock recording management system installed on the server provides professional, secure, and reliable recording storage and management;
---Professional management

This solution supports various functions, including recording search, multiple-level authority management, statistical analysis, recording encryption, and automatic backup.

Typical applications: financial institutions such as banks, securities brokerages and insurance companies, and government hotlines (such as police office, court, and prosecutor’s office)

3. Call recording for chain-operation enterprises

---Distributed recording and centralized management

Small OM IP-PBXs at branch offices, with built-in storage for call recording; medium to large OM IP-PBXs and New Rock recording management system at the headquarters for centralized management of call recordings at the headquarters and branch offices;
---High reliability

This solution supports transfer resumption from disconnection and cache memory upon network interruption, so that recordings are not lost in case of network failure;
---Multi-site networking with NAT-traversal

The OM IP-PBX, which is built in with a traversal service, does not require a fixed IP address to achieve trans-regional speech network between the headquarters and branch offices.

Typical applications: enterprises engaged in logistics and express delivery, education and training, F&B and hospitality, and realtor services.

4. For call recording, the New Rock VoIP gateway can be added to the existing PBX

The New Rock MX series VoIP gateway supports the standard SIP protocol and is compatible with mainstream PBX.

All calls through the VoIP gateway are automatically recorded and stored on the server, which can be centrally managed by the New Rock recording management system.

5. For call recording, the New Rock SIP-ISDN Trunking Gateway can be added to the existing 30B+D PBX

The New Rock digital trunk gateway OM1000-TE provides an enterprise with 1/2/4 E1 ports and 512 SIP trunking account for registration, thus helping connect its existing 30B+D equipment to the IMS platform of any carrier.

All calls through the New Rock digital trunk gateway OM1000-TE are automatically recorded and stored on the server, which can be centrally managed by the New Rock recording management system.

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