Call Recording for Midland Realty

Midland Realty (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Midland Group (Hong Kong stock code: 1200) in China.
The company focus on mid-to-high-end real estate market and provides comprehensive & professional residential trading and leasing agency services. And it was awarded as the "Best Employer Award" in the Shenzhen real estate market and the "Annual Intermediary Award" at the China Real Estate Annual Conference.
With the rapid development of China's real estate industry, competition among companies got fiercely. High-quality customer service is the key for them to attract more customers.
Shenzhen Midland Realty has around 400 employees and daily calls reach 40,000. Company requires effective supervision to make sure everyone can offer best services.

To solve this issues, Shenzhen Midland decide to use New Rock recording solution and keep recordings as basis to monitor service quality and handle business disputes.

Since the original telephone system used by Shenzhen Midland Realty doesn’t support recording, we carry out the comprehensive solution to upgrade the phone system as below:
The core phone system adopts by Huawei U1960 unified gateway
Access to analog phone and PSTN by New Rock MX60E VoIP gateway
Install New Rock Recording Agent on the enterprise server to complete recording management of all incoming and outgoing calls

Each call has call records
New Rock Recording Agent can automatically record the content of phone calls on the enterprise server, which is convenient for further inquiry, management, evidence collection or training.
Easy to search for recordings
The Recording Agent provides a friendly user interface, which can quickly query recording files through dimensions such as call time, calling number, called number, and call duration and etc.
The recording can be backed up and stored for a long time
No matter it is enterprise server or other servers.

Customer values
Midland Realty believes "customer first, service first". With telephone recording solution, their service has been promoted to a higher milestone.
Sales executive: they can track customer communication and customer complaints
Every phone call with customers is recorded. When you forget the content or any dispute caused, you can check back the recording.
Business leaders: business assessment is getting fairer, and customer satisfaction is higher
How many calls a salesperson call one day, and how their service is, how long they talked... all stuff can be checked through recording. So as to provide customers with higher-end and efficient services.


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