OM1000-UC for Greenland Hotel

Project Challenge

As a medium to a high-end hotel in Hangzhou Bay New District, the hotel can accommodate nearly 1,000 people at the same time. The hotel needs to provide various services such as fast check-in/check-out, 24-hour IVR, concierge, conference, and food delivery. Its telephone system needs to be highly concurrent and reliable, easy to maintain, and compatible with other hotel systems to ensure operational efficiency.

Project Solution

Core Server Room

1.Deploy OM1000-UC as the core platform to meet the demand of hotel rooms and extensions in each area

2.Deploy digital trunk gateway MX100G-S(OM1000-TE) to access to PSTN

3.Through PMSI, the hotel PMS middleware, OM1000-UC and Green Cloud PMS are perfectly connected.

Other areas

1.Deploy IP phones in reception and office area, directly register to OM1000-UC

2.Analog phones are deployed in guest rooms, recreation, food and beverage, and business center areas on each floor, and registered to OM1000-UC through the voice gateway deployed in each area to realize unified communication of telephone network

Customer value

Customized PMSI, flexible docking to various PMS software

New Rock hotel management middleware PMSI supports customization of multiple fields such as bill output, check-in/check-out/change of room, wake-up call, etc., enabling flexible docking between IP-PBX and mainstream wine management software (PMS) such as ChinaSoft,Green Cloud, etc.

Full IP deployment, easy installation and maintenance

Hotel rooms are distributed on various floors and the functional areas are relatively scattered, so traditional telephone system deployment takes a lot of time. A New Rock VoIP system can realize batch installation and deployment, and convenient post-maintenance, which is applicable when the hotel voice system is newly built or renovated.

24/7 IVR navigation service, automatic transfer of customer calls

1.New Rock IP-PBX supports 7X24 automatic attendant, customizable multi-level voice navigation, and flexible setting of key destinations.

2.Automatic transfer of customer calls to improve service efficiency

3.New Rock IP-PBX can automatically provide customers with hotel check-in/check-out, conference and event booking, gym reservation, SPA, etc. according to their needs, which can effectively save customer waiting time and improve customer service satisfaction compared to traditional telephone systems.

High Reliability and High Concurrent calls

With 99.999% carrier-grade reliability and a carrier-grade professional hardware platform, New Rock OM1000-UC IP PBX adopts advanced technologies such as dual power supplies, dual network port redundancy, dual hot standby (main/standby switching time <5 seconds), and dynamic load balancing to ensure "0" voice interruption. The stable and reliable VoIP system can help hotels build a professional high-end and reliable image, and help hotels improve their image effectively.


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