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A 1000-employee enterprise in Shanghai is using DingTalk as the office collaboration system and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) for the voice communication system, and the two systems are relatively independent.
Due to the business's need to upgrade the telephony system, the transformation relies on the existing communication facilities and voice network, using New Rock OM series IP PBX and OM1000-SBC(SX3000) for the IP transformation of the original telephony system.
After the transformation, the office phone system and office OA platform are integrated.
Construction requirements
1. With a capacity of 1,000 extensions and a max of 200 concurrent calls, the future system can be smoothly expanded.
2. The new office phone system needs to support hot automated standby, system reliability, and security needs to reach the telecom operator standards.
3. The digital trunk gateway should support network redundancy and load balancing.
4. Ability to dock with the existing CUCM PBX to achieve interconnection of office calls and meetings.
5. Can be connected with the DingTalk OA system to achieve unified communications, office telephony, mobile extensions, and other functions.
New Rock solution
Server room deployment
1. Deploy a New Rock OM series IP PBX that supports HA standby, the platform provides license-controlledQ \ new extensions for expansion, and the OM IP PBX is docked with CUCM through the SIP trunk to achieve inter-connection of the old and new systems.
2. Deploy a Session Border Controller OM1000-SBC.The OM8000 IP PBX is interfaced with DingTalk through SBC to realize the integration of the IP telephony system and DingTalk OA system, realizing the functions of unified communication, office phone, and mobile extensions.
3.Deploy digital trunk gateway OM1000-TE, connect to the PSTN.
Office area deployment
1. The original terminals are registered to Cisco CUCM and interconnected with the new system and DingTalk through CUCM.
2. New users can deploy New Rock NRP series IP/video phones, register to the OM8000 IP PBX, and interconnect with CUCM and Dingtalk through the OM IP PBX.

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Soluiton Value
  • Multi-system Convergence

    · The unified communication platform OM IP PBX, CUCM and DingTalk are connected through standard protocols, and the distributed deployment of multiple components facilitates system expansion

  • Voice Firewall

    · Session Border Controller (SBC) for unified communication system to span different IP domains and achieve interoperability of sessions in different IP domains

  • Docking with DingTalk

    · Realize unified communication, intelligent IVR, mobile extensions and other functions

  • Support HA Standby

    · In terms of performance, reliability and security, reach the telecom operator 99.999% standard

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