OM8000 for Trina Solar

Customer Introduction

Trina Solar is the world's largest PV module supplier and a leading total solar PV solution provider, founded in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1997. By the end of 2017, Trina Solar ranked first in the world in terms of cumulative PV module shipments.

Project background

"Wherever there is sunlight, there is Trina Solar." With the continuous expansion of business, Trina Solar built the Trina Solar Industrial Park in 2008, and gradually formed a regional PV industrial cluster with Trina Solar as the leader, integrating upstream and downstream industries, equipment, accessories, and auxiliary materials, and becoming one of the world's largest integrated PV industrial parks.

To meet the daily telephone communication needs of nearly 4,000 people at the headquarters, Trina Solar chose the Huawei Softco9500 IP PBX system and the supporting Huawei IAD from the very beginning.

As of this year, the system had been operating for more than 10 years and was facing aging and damage problems, plus Huawei had stopped providing any services for the system on September 30, 2019, so it was imperative to update and renovate Trina Solar's voice system.

New Rock Solution

In July 2019, New Rock started to contact Trina Solar for its renovation needs. After an in-depth understanding, Timeless customized the following efficient and feasible VoIP transformation solution for Trina Solar based on its network environment and voice service scenarios.

  • Overall distributed architecture, on-demand deployment and flexible expansion
  • New Rock OM8000 IP PBX high-capacity IP-PBX replaces Huawei Softco9500
  • New Rock MX120G VOIP gateway replaces the damaged Huawei IAD
  • Keep the user habits and original network architecture after upgrade
  • Support docking Microsoft Lync to improve communication efficiency
  • Easy to expand the capacity and realize the telephone networking with subsidiaries

Customer Value

Efficient collaboration and management
Support voice, video, fax, conference, recording and other VOIP services, and access to soft-phone, recording management system, soft-console, unified management system and other application services on demand to improve the efficiency of internal communication, collaboration and business management.
Protect original investment
No need to transform or replace existing telephone lines, analog phones and fax machines to protect customers' original investment. If you need to expand the number of extensions in the future, the system supports expansion up to 8,000 extensions at any time without purchasing additional hardware or replacing equipment.
Distributed Network
Trina Solar has business in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and has set up many overseas and domestic branches. Distributed networking through the enterprise network enables free interconnection of extensions between headquarters and offices and branches, reducing communication costs.
Multi-service integration
It supports docking Microsoft Lync and provides API interface with enterprise third-party application systems (such as OA/ERP/call center system) to enhance business integration.

Site Construction & Onsite Team

Customer Testimonial

New Rock OM8000 IP PBX equipment meets our needs and has been running stably since the cutover. The customer service team of New Rock is standardized in equipment installation, and they work seriously and responsibly. I praise them!

——--Weiwei Jiang, IT Department, Trina Solar


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