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Customer Background

Sichuan Tianfu New Area Chengdu Area People's Court (Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone People's Court) is the first people's court in China to be named after a provincial pilot free trade zone, and the first people's court established in Sichuan Province after the new round of judicial system reform.

It was inaugurated on July 12, 2018 and officially assumed its duties on January 1, 2019.

The establishment of the Court of Tianfu New Area (FTZ) will unify the scale of adjudication of such cases, promote the formation of a complete and supporting judicial system in the new area, and create an open, fair and transparent rule of law environment for the development of the FTZ in Tianfu New Area.

Project Challenges

The jurisdiction of the court in Tianfu New Area (FTZ) is large, with 8 internal departments and 4 dispatched courts under its jurisdiction. On the other hand, the number of cases received in the jurisdiction is large, and it is expected that about 20,000 cases will be received in 2019.

How to handle cases efficiently in a large jurisdictional area, so that the people can feel justice in every judicial case, and provide quality judicial services to guarantee the high-quality development of Tianfu New Area and Sichuan Free Trade Zone?

To this end, the court has introduced an intelligent electronic litigation platform "Tianfu Smart Court", as well as various forms of litigation services such as self-service, delayed service, and uninterrupted service. In the design and planning of the telephone system, the court hopes that the multi-point efficient collaborative office, so as to unify the management, unified operation, and maintenance.

New Rock Solution

In view of the small number of telephones and the relatively simple structure of the courts under its jurisdiction, after full communication with the courts in Tianfu New Area (FTZ), the solution of "centralized deployment in the main court and plug-and-play telephones in the jurisdiction" was promptly proposed.

Main Court Core Server Room

  • Deployment of New Rock 1,000-users IP-PBX OM500, which is connected to the carrier's IMS line and all phones in the voice network
  • Deployment of New Rock recording management system to manage the call recording of external service hotline
Office workstations
  • Each court staff desktop deployment of IP phones, free of cloth telephone lines
  • deployment, plug-and-play, and built-in corporate contact book

Customer value

1.Multiple locations share one telephone system, saving time, effort and cost

Eight departments of the court, four subordinate courts, and 210 telephones are unified registered to the New Rock OM500 IP-PBX in the main server room for unified outbound calls through the IMS external line of the main court.

All of them do not need telephone cables, which is convenient, simple, and efficient, and greatly reduces operation and maintenance costs.

When the court staff extensions are added in the future, only the corresponding IP phones need to be add and registerted, no interrupt to the current system.

2.Each staff member has an exclusive external number and extension number for efficient internal and external communication.

New Rock OM500 IP-PBX supports 1000 extensions and 1000 outside lines, the ratio of outside line number and extension number is 1:1, each court staff can have exclusive line number and extension number.

The direct line number is convenient for people outside to find the corresponding office person quickly, and the extension number is convenient for internal short dialing to improve the communication efficiency.

3.Recording of external service lines to enhance judicial credibility

Each call to the court's external service hotline (such as the litigation service center, judicial police brigade, etc.) is recorded to enhance judicial credibility throughout, providing an effective means for court discipline supervision.

At the same time, other business systems of the court, such as the case file service system, can access the recording files on the recording management system(RMS) on demand to be informed of the service results in a timely manner.

4. Built-in Intelligent Capabilities to Empower Smart Court Construction

As of December 30, 2019, the court in Tianfu New Area (FTZ) received 24,019 new cases and closed 20,572 cases. In order to enhance efficiency, the court has introduced an intelligent voice IVR. New Rock OM500 IP-PBX has built-in AI capability to prepare the court for more subsequent intelligent construction.

(Picture from the court public website)


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