OM80E for Thailand Insurance Company

Customer Requirements
Salesmen need to do a lot of outbound call every day, but customers are scattered all over the country, which puts higher requirements on the customer service system to ensure the stability of calls and call connection rate for the phone system
1.National number resources

2.Docking with the original analog phone, retain the original number

New Rock Solution
1.Deploy OM80E IP PBX to connect to the PSTN
2.Deploy MX60E VoIP gateway in the office to utilize the legacy analog phones
3.Deploy NRP IP Phones for different office department

4.Deploy NewLync UC app for remote working and for on-site staff

Customer Value
1.Rapid interfacing for effective communication between headquarters and branches
2.Cross-site networking through traversal service, saving high international call costs
3.Save deployment and operation and maintenance costs between headquarters and branches
4.Uniform call records and recordings can be managed

5.Unified number to enhance corporate image


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