800 Extensions VoIP Telephony System for the Malaysia Federal Court


The Federal Court of Malaysia was established in 1957 and is located in the federal administrative capital of Putrajaya. Since 1985, it has served as the highest court of appeal in Malaysia. 

As the highest court in the country, faced challenges with its outdated communication system. The existing infrastructure was not equipped to handle the growing needs of the court, leading to inefficiencies and communication bottlenecks. 

To address these issues, the court decided to deploy a VoIP telephony system to modernize its communication capabilities and improve operational efficiency.


1. Outdated Infrastructure

The existing communication system was based on traditional landline phones, which were unable to meet the increasing demands for efficient and reliable communication within the court.

2. Limited Scalability

The court's legacy system lacked the scalability required to accommodate the growing number of users and communication channels.

3. Cost Inefficiencies

Maintenance and operational costs of the traditional phone system were high, and the court sought a more cost-effective solution.

The Malaysia Federal Court engaged a leading telecommunications provider to deploy a VoIP telephony system. The solution included the following components:

1. VoIP Infrastructure

The deployment involved the installation of a robust VoIP infrastructure, including legacy analog phones, Asterisk PABX, analog VoIP gateways, and a centralized call management system.

2. Unified Communication

The new system integrated voice, video, and data communication, providing a unified platform for seamless collaboration and information exchange.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

The VoIP system offered the court the flexibility to scale up or down based on its evolving communication needs, ensuring futureproofing, New Rock gateways provide flexible models for analog extension expansion on the Asterisk PBX.

4. Cost Savings

The transition to VoIP significantly reduced operational costs, as it eliminated the need for separate voice and data networks and leveraged the existing legacy analog terminals.


The deployment of the VoIP telephony system was executed in multiple phases to minimize disruption to court operations. The implementation process involved thorough solution planning, network assessment, and user training to ensure a smooth transition, done by New Rock local partner Star Tech Distribution.

Customer Value

1. Enhanced Communication

The new VoIP system provided high-quality voice and video communication features, improving internal and external communication within the court.

2. Improved Efficiency

The new system streamlined communication processes, reducing response times and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

3. Cost Reduction

The court experienced significant cost savings in terms of reduced maintenance, operational, and long-distance communication costs.

4. Scalability

The VoIP system's scalability allowed the court to easily add new users and services as needed, supporting the court's future growth.

The deployment of the VoIP telephony system transformed the Malaysia Federal Court's communication infrastructure, addressing the challenges posed by the outdated system. 

The modernized communication platform not only improved operational efficiency but also positioned the court for future growth and technological advancements.

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