HX4G for Chili ABB analog extension expansion


In2020, Hitachi and ABB's Power Grids’ business came together in a joint venture to create a new global leader in pioneering and digital technologies. As individual companies, both had been innovating and improving technology for over a century. Hachi ABB Chili office want to expand more extension in the wind machine, where there are no internet or mobile signal covered, with analog extension connect to the office IP PBX, provide communication ability for the worker when they are working on the top of the power machine.


Hachi ABB Chili office want to expand more extension, with analog extension and connect to the original IP PBX


1.Deploy 10 set of HX4G-2FXS Gateway at each wind power machine,

2.Connect the analog phone on the top and bottom of the power machine to HX4G via FXS port

3.HX4G connect to the 3rd party PBX through standard SIP protocol.

Customer Value

1.Keep and utilize the current system
2.Enable internal calling, no interrupt of the current extensions.

3.More economic compared to expand with IP extension license and desktop IP Phone

4.By expand more extensions with HX4G analog gateway, the frontline workers are able to communicate to the team when they are working on the wind machine, improve the operation efficiency.

Learn how to register MX series gateway on the 3rd party PBX

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