OM20G (<20)

The OM20G IP PBX is an all-in-one IP telephony system. It has built-in max 4 FXS/FXO port, provide seamless connectivity to the PSTN, analog terminals, SIP trunks, and SIP terminals, IMS. With VoIP technology, the OM20G IP PBX supports free inter-office calls over the Internet or VPN.

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Product description

· Always Connected with Customers

With features such as remote extension, call forking to the mobile phone and call-back features, OM20G IP PBX assures users that no matter where they are, whether in the office, traveling abroad, or working at home, will never miss any important business call.

· Improving Call Answer Rate

The smart auto attendant can provide 24/7 live answering service to customers and direct the incoming calls efficiently to the extension or cell phone of the right person through configurable voice menus in business/non-business hours and holidays. It can deliver the calls from VIP customers to the agents directly, bypassing voice menus.

· Reduction of Telecommunications Cost

OM20G IP PBX has all the IP remote-calling functions to support the remote worker, business travel, and communication with branches through the Internet. With IP, international or long-distance calls are turned into local toll-free calls.

With advanced routing capabilities, OM20G IP PBX can route calls intelligently according to call types.

Combined with New Rock’s NewLync unified communication platform and NeeHau™ SoftConsole, users can achieve more effective and comfortable communications with customers.

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Product features

  • Built-in analog-gateway modules and storage for recording, FoIP, and voicemail

  • Headquarters and branch-office communications through SIP-based trunks

  • Mobile extensions keep you connected anytime, anywhere

  • The Windows-based SoftConsole provides click-to-dial, call history, and call recording features

  • Plug-and-play for New Rock NRP IP phones

  • XML/HTTP-based RESTful API for third-party applications

  • Remote access via New Rock Cloud

  • Management with New Rock or third-party Element Management Systems (TR-069, SNMP)

  • Add-on middle-ware for hospitality applications

  • P2P communication between OM IP-PBX and SIP terminals across NAT Traversal service without the need for static IP addresses, DDNS or port mapping on the access router

  • Class I lightning protection

1、Click the “Demo" button, or type the address in your browser:
2、Select the user login identity: operator
3、Enter the login password: gateway1
4、Enter the verification code, click "Login"

Model Comparison

OM20G OM50G OM80E OM200G OM500
Max IP Extensions 20 50 168 400 1000
Max SIP Trunks 24 62 216 496 1000
Max IP Outside Lines 24 62 216 496 1000
Max Built-in FXS/FXO 4 12 48 96 -
Max Concurrent Call 24 30 90 120 200
NewLync Mobile Extension 20 30 40 400 1000

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