Multi-site Networking

30% of user choose IP PBX for multi-site office networking

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Soluiton Value
  • Suit for multi-scenairos

    ·Different ares inside same building and same campus

    ·Chain stores locate across the city

    ·Offices located cross city and cross country

    ·Mobile staff & field staff

  • 5 Claasic Application

    ·Free calls from small brach to headquater via IP Phone or VoIP gateway

    ·Multi-branch/chain enterprise networking via IP PBX

  • 5 Claasic Application

    ·Mobile office for business traverllers/field staff via mobile softphone

    ·Enterprise with a large remote-site call volume use VoIP gateways to connect to the remote-site line/number source

  • 5 Claasic Application

    ·Analog/digital PABX transform to IP networks for smooth scaling

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