OM1000-UC for Thailand Finance Company

Customer Introduction

S Leasing Ltd,  is a local finance and leasing company that provides loans for living and consumption by offering a variety of vehicle registration loans and low-interest land deeds at multiple service points in the community. With its car mortgage business, S Leasing Ltd. hopes to ease the hardships of villagers by granting informal loans to customers during the financial crisis to help meet their financing needs and help customers avoid contact with exploitative capitalist groups. 

It is expanding its business in Thailand with head office in Bangkok and branches in neighboring cities.With the business grow and employee more and more visiting the customers. The original PABX is out of date and required a new solution to meet the inside and outside communication requirements. With local partners’s help, New Rock is able to provide our customers a stable and flexible VoIP solution.

Project Challenges

1.Communication between branches nationwide free of charge (via carrier MPLS)
2.Sub-branches must be able to make calls through the PBX of the main branch
3.Record conversation ,and the resulting conversation will be developed in conjunction with the customer's CRM system.
4.IVR to impress customers
5.The phone must be wireless only

New Rock Solution

Server Room

· Deploy OM1000-UC IP PBX in the head-office which support 1000 extensions and connect to the PSTN
· Deploy 3rd party IP phone in head-office building and branch offices
· Use New Rock NAT Traversal service for multisite networking
· Open API to dock with the company CRM
· Use New Rock recording management software ( RMS) for call recording in head-office and branches, and the storage and management for the recording files
Office Area

· Install NewLync software for mobile workers

Solution features

Multi-site networking

When using OM1000-UC IP-PBX for a telephone network, neither a fixed public network IP address nor router port mapping is required for either the headquarters or branch offices, thus significantly reducing the economic cost and technical barrier for a telephone network.All IP-PBXs are inter-connected through NAT traversal service, creating a trans-regional corporate communication network, with extensions inside the network calling each other, free of charge.


Supports managing voice mail files, including play, searching and other managing functions,Improves the recording performance to 300 concurrent calls (G.729 or G.711),supports searching recording files based on user-defined time range.

Hot automate standby

OM1000-UC IP PBX support hot automated standby, enterprise can use the back up machine for disaster recovery.

Remote management

With the multi-site devices, the IT staff can use the New Rock cloud platform to remote access and maintain the devices, saving both time and human cost

Mobile extensions for staff

When the enterprise NewLync account is docking with the OM1000-UC IP PBX, building staff can take and make phones whenever they are.


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