As business operations expand, enterprises, particularly LMEs place more stringent requirements for highly efficient communication, convenient business system integration, fast deployment and efficient maintenance of their office telephony and communication system
LMEs often face the following problems,
1. Globalized operations with subsidiaries in different locations often make it difficult for communication and management
2. Fixed-location landline-based communication lacks flexibility, and workers on travel, in the hotel, or at the customer’s site are unable to contact the headquarters by their official extension, making it difficult for real-time communication.
3. Onerous business workflow processes with different components make it difficult for integration.
4. Multiple equipment with independent operation and spread over different locations means complexity in management and high operating costs.
New Rock office IP telephony and unified communication solution for LMEs, which utilize the OM series IP PBX as the core equipment and combined with New Rock RMS, UMS, and NewLync unified communication system, offers a unified communication solution for public sector institutions and group enterprises with tens of thousands of employees in total, combing office communication features of voice, video, fax, conference, recording, and mobile extensions together.

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Solution Value
  • IP Telephony Features for Efficient Communication

    ·24/7 smart switchboard with self-service reception of inbound calls and precise call distribution

    ·Customized greetings and multi-level IVR enhance the corporate image

    ·Free internal extensions dialing

  • Multi Unified Communication Applications

    ·Application software including RMS, UMS, NAT Traversal server, PMS, and soft console

    ·RMS for business call recording, with voice recording stored in servers which support hierarchical management and recording encryption

  • Failover for Communication Reliability

    ·Support network/power failover with dual network port, power redundancy

    ·Support primary/back up model hot standby, switch over in 5 sec

  • Flexible Deployment

    ·Provides access to PSTN /IMS/ISDN, and analog phone/IP phone/soft phone etc.

    ·Supports analog/IP voice mixed deployment, lowering cabling and construction cost

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