Large corporations, schools, and hospitals usually possess campuses with multiple buildings.
Employees in different job positions at different departments are stationed in various buildings. A modern efficient phone network becomes the most effective means for the staff in the campus.
Traditionally speaking, on-campus telephone deployment often faces the following shortcomings:
---The large space between buildings on the huge campus requires a long cable connection, thus incurring a high setup cost and long deployment hours
---Employees in certain job positions that require frequent campus tours are unable to receive calls over their desk phone extension
---Inability to connect with various service management systems of an enterprise (e.g. the dispatch system)
The New Rock campus IP telephony solution fully taps into the network resources of an entity (including optical fibers/network cables/Wi-Fi). In addition to satisfying daily communication needs, the telephone network can be integrated with other services using VoIP technology. This effectively reduces the deployment cost, enhances the flexibility and maintainability of the communication system architecture, and helps the campus upgrade its IP-based communication system.

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Solution Value
  • Multi-building Networking

    · Free internal extension calls, cost down on the phone bill

    · Built-in NAT traversal service, 4G access control and remote registration

  • Unified Management

    ·Batch configuration & upgrade on hundreds of devices

    ·Remote trouble shooting

    ·Improve operation efficiency

  • Enterprise Contact Book

    ·Multi-level contact book, easy to contact information

    ·Multi-terminal synchronization on the contact information

  • High Reliability

    ·Support primary/back-up automated standby, switch in 5 sec

    ·Minimize system downtime, improve user experience

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