MX8G for Spain Laboratory Asterisk Connection

Customer background

Laboratorio Dr. Barba founded in 1978, they specialized in genetics in 1999.They have been doing PCR diagnosis of zoonosis and different types of coronavirus for more than 20 years. The library currently have more than 50 proprietary developments.

New Rock Solution

With the local channel partners help, Dr. Barba deployed MX8G VoIP gateway to connect with the original analog DECT phones and Asterisk PBX. All the configuration is done by the remotely tech support team.

Customer Value

1.Greatly saving the phone call cost for a 50 person team

2.Easy deployment

3.Remote configuration and management

MX8G Demo Account

1、Type the address in your browser:
Select the user login identity: operator
Enter the login password: gateway1
Enter the verification code, click "Login"


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