OM50G for Call Center

Customer Background

360 Technology Co.'s Henan Marketing Center (hereinafter referred to as: "360 Search") has been looking for a "unified" IP telephony system to solve three practical problems:

1.Recording and centralizing management of all calls
2.Improving efficiency through on screen click-to-call

3.Expanding the platform capacity by a multiple of ten

The Internet has given rise to China's service industry revolution. Various service enterprises and departments are relying more and more on telephone communications, and they are facing similar challenges as the ones 360 Search is now facing:

During the rapid development of a business, how can we strengthen the supervision of telephone communications to improve service quality; and how can we improve efficiency to reduce labor costs?

After a two-week evaluation and trial with New Rock Tech -  China's leading provider of IP telephony solutions - 360 Search decides to deploy a solution combining New Rock's OM50 IP telephony system and NeeHau business phone assistant. This combination of products meets their needs of "simple to use, flexible to deploy and expand".

For telephony systems, enterprises are no longer satisfied with simple inbound and outbound calls. They need it to be closely connected with employees' communications management, response speed, work efficiency, etc.
Only through increasing the presence of internet in telephony systems, can those unified communications demands be met.

——New Rock OM Series Product Manager

Integration with PC and Database
Beyond built-in recording, OM50G IP PBX can interact with NeeHau business phone assistant through its unique API interface to:
1.Track and manage recording and call history
2.Import customer information and achieve click-to-call
3.Manage communication status
4.Pop-up incoming call notification

High Performance and Flexible Deployment
With tens of thousands of daily calls, 360 Search has a high demand on system performance. Although the seating capacity of one single OM50 IP PBX is limited, multiple units can be stacked up through the same network to flexibly expand seating.
Easy to Use and Remote Maintenance
No need for professional IT staffs to maintain; no need to reboot the device every day: system integrators can provide remote trouble shooting and maintenance services through the New Rock Cloud Platform in a timely manner. This is also one of the top reasons why customers prefer the OM50G complete solution.

In the digital era, telephony systems are no longer isolated islands of information. Only through continuous "unification" can we bring more value to the user.


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