OM8000 for Taxation Bureau

New Rock was able to provide government agencies with office telephone communication solutions to meet government services, "number follows the staff" intelligent operation and maintenance, and help government agencies transform their original analog system to IP.

 In this article, we will introduce our solutions for government telephony system with the successful IP transformation case of a district taxation bureau in Shanghai.

Project background

The current network of a district taxation bureau in Shanghai is using the virtual IP-PBX service provided by China Telecom, and the core PBX is placed in the telecom server room.

The server of the tax bureau is equipped with four ZTE 9806H access gateways for digital-to-analog conversion; the physical communication between the core PBX and the access gateways is realized through the optical path.

The original ZTE 9806H output analog lines are concentrated on the wiring frame and occupy a cabinet, and are jumped to the integrated wiring cabinet through patch cords. 

The frequent patch cords due to the adjustment of work stations of desktop personnel lead to a disorganized line sequence on the wiring frame, making maintenance work such as line finding and line management difficult. 

At the same time, when the number is added to the workstation, rewiring operation is required, which is time-consuming and laborious and greatly increases the maintenance cost.

Customer requirement

Stable and reliable system
The IP telephony system needs to be safe and stable, and support 7*24 hours uninterrupted service
All-IP deployment
The IP telephony system needs to support IP-based deployment, the system supports IP/video phone access, supports Web and other ways to modify the system data, and does not require frequent change when adjusting work stations or adding numbers.
Rich call features
Support external citation number, IVR voice navigation, call transfer, fax, and other functions
Good compatibility
Support standard SIP, RTP, SSTP, TLS and other protocols, and support access to various brands of telephone terminals

New Rock solution

After an in-depth understanding of the customer's needs, New Rock customized the following IP voice system solution for a district taxation bureau to address its urgent problems.

1.The overall distributed deployment architecture based on the voice dedicated network of the taxation system in the district

2.Deployment of OM8000 IP PBX (HA dual-computer hot standby) in the district bureau's server room
3.Deploy two sets of recording management system(RMS) (double main deployment) in the district bureau server room to replace the original recording equipment and meet the demand for highly reliable recording
4.Deploy MX120G VoIP gateway in the district bureau's computer room for accessing PSTN lines
5.Each branch office (tax office) deploys the OM80E IP PBX to access local PSTN and analog phones while realizing unified management of call recording with the district bureau network

Customer Value

A high concurrent voice system is stable and reliable
New Rock OM8000 IP-PBX can meet 8000 users' access, and 800 simultaneous calls, and recordings. Support 99.999% carrier-grade reliability, and smooth and clear calls. Based on a carrier-grade professional hardware platform with advanced technologies such as dual hot standby (main/standby switching time <5 seconds), dual power supply, dual network port redundancy, dynamic load balancing, etc.

All-IP deployment, rich service functions, strong compatibility, and maximum utilization
The renovated voice system adopts all-IP deployment, in which the district bureau and branch offices (tax offices) adopt distributed network deployment to realize "zero" tariff for intranet inter-dial. 

In addition to meeting the needs of customers with multiple business functions and strong compatibility, it also supports the integration of existing analog extensions to maximize the protection of customers' original investment.

Flexible capacity expansion, convenient operation, and maintenance
The backend of New Rock OM IP PBX provides visualized operation interface, 8-level log, data capture, configuration import and export, status and alarm, etc., for easy management and maintenance, which greatly enhances operation and maintenance efficiency. When new numbers need to be added, simply configure the system to complete extension registration without additional wiring, truly realizing the convenient operation and maintenance of "easy expansion and simple maintenance".

Highly reliable recording of external public calls to meet the demand for refined tax management

In the process of understanding the requirements, we found that the existing recording system was inconvenient to operate, difficult to trace, and easy to lose files, so we replaced it with the New Rock recording management system(RMS).

At the same time, in response to the high-reliability requirements of the taxation system for the recording system, a dual master deployment approach was adopted to achieve automatic synchronization of recording configuration and recording files, with high data security.

 When there is a network or another failure, the call recordings will be stored in the built-in storage of local New Rock IP-PBX equipment, and the recordings will be automatically synchronized to the recording management system after the failure is recovered to ensure "0" loss of recordings.

Built-in Intelligent Capability, Empowering Intelligent Tax Construction
New Rock IP-PBX provides an open API interface, which can be docked with various service platforms of the taxation system and OA system to achieve business integration. It meets the need of building intelligent taxation in the new era and makes taxation work more and more efficient and convenient。


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