OM50G for Cave Tunnel Emergency Call System

The emergency phone is the main component of information collection in the highway tunnel operation management system.

In case of traffic abnormalities or major accidents in the tunnel, travelers can quickly notify the tunnel management personnel to request rescue and fast troubleshooting actions through the emergency phone.

The traditional emergency telephone system has the problems of transmission distance limitation, multi-level management, difficult to be interfered, poor stability, unclear voice effect, etc.


New Rock jointly develop the solution with partners to launch a new generation of integrated systems that  integrating emergency telephone intercom and broadcasting, which consists of emergency telephone console (including application control system, OM series IP PBX, on-duty telephone, etc.), transmission fiber optic cable, and emergency telephone branch.

Solution value

1.Use fiber optic network for IP digital signal transmission, abandoning the traditional landline telephone that  need to lay a lot of analog telephone line work and difficult to troubleshoot under connection failure, with high transmission speed and high stability, easy to expand the subsequent expansion of incremental capacity

2.It is possible to set the answering group of duty personnel; when the duty personnel is not in the seat, it supports the transfer of incoming calls to their cell phones to ensure that the calls are not missed

3.The entire call is recorded and can be queried later

4.Open API interface, providing users with cost-effective access to future applications


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