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The New Rock IP telephony and unified communication solution for hotels meets the daily communication needs of hotel customers, hotel reception, hotel staff, and guest room extensions.
It can be integrated with other hotel business applications such as hotel PMS with open API and PMS middleware.
The existing hotel broadband networks, regardless of fiber optics or network cables, can be used at hotels for transmission to reduce setup costs and maintenance difficulties effectively.
Luxury Hotel Solution
Today, many luxury hotels feature a full fiber network. With just a fiber cable and an optical terminal, rooms can have access to all three networks – telephone, television, and Internet. Fiber optics also makes exceptional long-distance transmission possible, enabling remote network coverage for villa-style hotels.
The New Rock telephone system solution for luxury hotels with the core device - OM-series IP-PBX equipped with a PMS interface, can be connected with the mainstream hotel PMS, providing hotels with a completely integrated communication solution.
-Supports hot active backup, dual power source/network port redundancy, and PSTN failover to ensure the high reliability of the hotel phone system communication.
-Supports ONU registration* and enables convenient deployment, significantly reducing wiring and maintenance costs.
-Provides a free hotel PMSI as middleware to enable connection with a mainstream hotel PMS.
-Optional attendant console Neehau to help the hotel reception to facilitate call receiving and call transferring at the hotel front desk.
* Registration of ONU
-ONU with voice port: Connected to an analog phone (ONU registered with the hotel’s OM IP-PBX through a fiber optic network) to unlock telephone functions in guest rooms
-ONU without voice port: Connected to an IP phone (ONU registered with the hotel’s OM IP-PBX through a fiber optic network) to unlock telephone functions in guest rooms
Budget Hotel Solution
The New Rock IP telephony and unified communication system solution for hotels with fewer than 200 guest rooms, including motels, home inns, bed and breakfasts, and government reception houses.
-Supports hybrid analog and IP network with flexible deployment and convenient installation, significantly saving wiring and maintenance costs
-Provides a simple hotel PMS
-Offers an optical self-built hotel customer service center with functions like guest information management and call recording management;
-Features a web configuration interface, with no requirement for IT support.
* Analog and IP hybrid network
IP-PBX deployed in the equipment room, with MX series VoIP gateway deployed on each room floor
-The gateway can be registered with the IP-PBX in the equipment room, which significantly saves wiring costs for a trunking cable (in the case of traditional PBX)
-Savings in wiring costs can be more significant in cases where buildings are far apart, such as resort-style hotels and garden-style hotels
-Telephone line from the FXO of the gateway is connected to analog phone/fax in guest rooms

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