OM IP PBX for Campus VoIP

With the growth of manufacturing industries such as transportation, logistics, and machinery, more and more companies are expanding the business from local to national or even worldwide. With this comes the problem of inefficient cross-regional communication and the high cost of deployment and operation and maintenance.

The use of New Rock distributed telephone network to set up an enterprise voice communication network can deploy corresponding hardware and software in the enterprise headquarters, factories, warehouse, logistics center, branch offices, overseas offices, and off-site business team respectively, and realize the transmission of voice, data and video information based on IP network, greatly improving the internal communication capability of the manufacturing industry.

1.Free inter-dialing of extensions, call transfer, and conference call at any time
2.Turn domestic/international long-distance calls into local or internal lines, significantly reducing communication costs
3.Unified management and maintenance at headquarters, eliminating the need for dedicated maintenance and management staff at each branch
4.Headquarters unified management of corporate switchboard, call recordings, centralized access to call information for sales/customer service data analysis

5.Rapid deployment of new branches and rapid expansion of extensions based on the Internet

Particularly suitable for
1.Headquarters-branch/office telephone networks
2.Multi-level telephony system networking
3.Shop & factory telephone network

4.Multinational telephone networks

Customer Cases---A foreign trade company based in Macau


With the retail shop in Macau and the factory in Guangzhou. Communication between the two places is very frequent, but international long-distance charges need to be paid and the cost is high.


Deploy a set of OM IP PBX in each place, through NAT Traversal Network, to achieve the internal extension dialing, external line sharing.


No need to pay international long distance charges, internal communication between the factory and retail shop is free.

1、Type the address in your browser:
2、Select the user login identity: operator
3、Enter the login password: ippbx123
4、Enter the verification code, click "Login"

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