OMX, a unified communication platform, is a high-capacity cloud PBX that max supports 100,000, which is expandable by license. It provides integrated digital collaborative communication features such as voice calls, video calls, high-speed fax, teleconference, telephone recording, mobile extension, etc.
Suit for medium and large-scale government agencies, group enterprises, and financial and energy users within 100000 users. OMX adopts pure IP architecture, based on standard SIP protocol, supports standardized server deployment, and supports containerized deployment of private cloud and public cloud.
It supports 100,000 registered extensions and 10,000 concurrent calls. At the same time, it has an excellent performance in stability, reliability, security, scalability, and configuration flexibility, providing convenient, efficient, safe, and reliable digital collaborative communication solutions for government agencies, group enterprises, and financial and energy users. OMX supports access to terminal devices such as analog phones, fax machines, IP phones, video phones, PC/mobile phones/PAD/meeting hub, and can be connected to operators or traditional PABX through the digital trunk, analog trunk, and directly connected to operators' voice service platforms or third-party IP-PBX through SIP trunk (IMS/NGN networks).

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Product description

· Rich service and interface capabilities

Support voice, video, fax, conference, recording and other voice over IP services

Support extended functions such as voice mail, broadcast/intercom, Unified Centrex, multi-level IVR, custom color ringing, etc.

Support SIP trunking (including IMS), digital trunking.

Supporting application services such as recording management system(RMS), unified management system(UMS), operation and maintenance screen, network server, PMSI, and soft console.

Support docking third-party application systems, secondary API development and AI platform .

· High multiple redundancy backup and security protection mechanism

The system has high disaster failover, the main control server, data server and media server support 1+N backup, single point of failure does not affect the function of the whole system, the service is not interrupted when the main and backup switch, the switching time <5 seconds.

Support load balancing, dynamic allocation of data and voice time in the cluster.

Signaling, media and data transmission encryption (HTTPS, SSH, TLS/SRTP, etc.)

Support mechanisms such as access whitelist, external network user authorization, long-distance call restriction, etc.

· High performance High stability

Distributed architecture design, clustered configuration, high capacity and high concurrency.

Parallel processing of call services to improve response speed.

Automatic load balancing of calls and data.

· Flexible deployment and simple operation and maintenance

Support x86 server deployment and containerized deployment of private and public clouds.

Support single-point centralized deployment and multi-point distributed deployment.

Support 100,000 users, the number of users, functional licensing control, on-demand deployment.

Simple expansion, adding new services, new sites, can be linear expansion, does not affect the original system software and hardware structure.

Support graphical configuration interface, unified management of equipment, operation and maintenance screen, automatic distribution of configuration, efficient operation and maintenance.

Support telephone/email fault alarm.

Product features

  • Provide NAT traversal services for external extension registration, branch networking, etc.

  • Multi-terminal collaboration, extensions answer anytime and anywhere, regardless of geographical restrictions

  • All-scene conference call for efficient communication

  • Provide value-added services such as voice mail, recording, broadcasting/intercom

  • Centralized management of call records, call recordings and messages

  • Contact book decentralized management, real-time update in the cloud

  • Unified configuration of extensions and terminals, centralized monitoring

  • Containerized deployment, system supports 1+N backup

  • Provide API interface, can integrate third-party scheduling, soft console

  • Can be interfaced with third party Cloud (Dingtalk, etc.)

  • Provide AI interfacing capability

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