Commercial banks, investment banks, securities exchanges, and other players in the finance markets normally have the following requirements for their communication system,
1.Call recording collection, management, and storage according to industry regulation and policy
2. Data security and system reliability
3. On-call responses despite employee's mobility
New Rock RMS ( Recording Management System)can store recording files on the server, providing a convenient recording search tool and realizing multilevel management.
1. Server Room
Deploy large-size New Rock IP-PBX OM1000-UC/ OM8000 IP PBX to connect with the telecom PSTN/IMS/ISDN
2. Each Floor/Office
The telephone network can be set up with the VoIP gateway and analog phones, IP phones, which can be registered to the New Rock IP-PBX via the corporate network.
3. RMS Server
New Rock RMS (recording management system) is installed to collect and store telephone call recordings from the OM IP-PBX, max 600 channels, 300 concurrency.

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