Commercial banks, investment banks, securities exchanges, and other players in the finance industry normally have the following requirements for their communication system:
-Requirement for call recording according to industry regulation and policy
-Data security and system reliability
-On-call responses despite employee's mobility
New Rock Finance IP telephony solution can store recording files on the server, providing a convenient recording search tool and realizing multilevel management.
-Server room: Large-size New Rock IP-PBX OM1000-UC is deployed to connect with both the PSTN/IMS/ISDN and the company network.
-Each floor/office: The telephone network can be set up by the VoIP gateway and analog phones, or only IP phones, which can be registered to the New Rock IP-PBX via the corporate network. -RMS Server: the New Rock audio recording management system is installed to collect and store telephone call recordings from the OM IP-PBX.

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