An increasing number of enterprises look to mobile offices due to the advancement of mobile internet and the proliferation of smart mobile devices. Statistics show that 82% of the employees use their smartphones for office work. In terms of voice communication, the ubiquity of the mobile network and the portability of smartphones have proved to be highly convenient for enterprises, thus eliminating the following concerns:
- Failure to receive inbound calls on the desktop extension;
- Failure to supervise calls of field employees.
The New Rock mobile extension solution involves the connection of the NewLync app (Android/iOS/Mac/Windows) to the internal OM IP-PBX of an enterprise via a Wi-Fi/4G/5G network. Employees’ mobile phones will operate as portable extensions, allowing them to receive calls from desktop extensions (with a caller ID displayed) anywhere at any time, as well as placing free calls with other extensions or outbound calls via the corporate telephone line to boost its corporate image. The administrator can view call histories and call recordings of every extension, thus satisfying the supervisory requirements.

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