OM1000-TE is a digital trunk gateway launched by New Rock in 2020, which can realize the conversion between IMS/SIP and ISDN PRI (30B+D) call protocols through network port and E1/T1 interface.

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Product description

· Powerful performance

Maximum 120 concurrent calls; maximum number of completed calls (BHCC) up to 40K during busy hours; 500 routing and number conversion rules; 512 SIP VoIP account registrations

· Features

Primary/called number conversion, routing, RADIUS billing interface, playback of secondary dial tone and ringback tone, auto dialing (DTMF), voice detection, RTP voice proxy (for NAT/firewall penetration)

· High Performance

Adopting high performance voice processing DSP chip, through DSP array daughter card, each gateway can have 6000MIPS processing capacity, which ensures that OM1000-TE digital trunk gateway can still perform voice service (G.711/G.729A/G.723.1), echo cancellation, fax relay (T.38) under 120-way call full load operation status.

· High Security

OM1000-TE digital trunk gateway supports security protection including: signaling and media stream encryption, automatic password strength detection, anti-password cracking, cipher text storage of user data, Telnet/SSH function switch, access whitelist, system log backup, etc.

·High Reliability

OM1000-TE digital trunk gateway is equipped with dual network port redundancy protection to ensure that calls are not affected by local network failure; meanwhile, optional 1+1 DC/AC power supply module is available to meet users' demand for high reliability. In terms of deployment, OM1000-TE provides disaster failover mechanism with primary and backup SIP server registration switching.

·Convenient Remote Management

OM1000-TE has a built-in New Rock cloud service client, which enables access to equipment deployed behind enterprise NAT or firewall from external networks. OM1000-TE digital trunk gateway can be used in conjunction with New Rock network management monitoring system, which facilitates real-time equipment monitoring, alarm notification, software upgrade and other maintenance work. In addition, it also supports connecting to third-party network management systems via TR-069.

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Product features

  • Supports SIP and IMS protocols

  • 500 routing and number translation rules

  • Dual network port/dual power supply redundancy protection

  • 512 SIP trunk account registrations

  • Support TLS/SRTP encryption

  • Support voice VLAN

  • Remote management, monitoring and O&M via NEW ROCK cloud service

  • Support NEW ROCK network management system and third-party network management system (TR-069)

  • Compatible with Cisco CallManager/CUCM, Broadsoft, Microsoft Skype Connect (formerly Lync), Huawei IMS, VoS, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk/Elastix and other service platforms

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