Public Fund High Reliable VoIP System

Project Challenge

The fund company's original office telephone used a traditional PABX telephone exchange system to realize a nationwide network, covering the headquarters, three branches, and one office, to realize the interconnection of the internal telephone and with the public network.

1.The original PABX has been operating for many years with frequent problems, aging equipment lines, frequent voice communication problems, and the inability to troubleshoot in time when failures occur.

2.The original PABX has been discontinued, unable to meet the needs of new office locations, equipment expansion, office space relocation, etc.

Project Challenge

1.Replace the original Avaya PABX to solve the existing problem of poor voice communication and frequent failures.

2.In order to facilitate internal communication and external communication, the Shanghai headquarters, three branches and one office needed to be grouped into a network to achieve unified management.

3.The recording system needs to be stable and reliable and meet the national hard regulations for the financial industry.

4.It needs to have smooth expansion capability in the later stage to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

New Rock Solution

Head-quarter server room

1.Deploy digital trunk gateways OM1000-TE  and analog VoIP gateways MX120G to connect to carrier lines and realize external network access.

2.Deploy a New Rock IP PBX with dual hot standby support to replace the aging Avaya PABX to realize telephone and fax access to the headquarters and branch offices.

3.Deploy RMS recording management system (dual master deployment) to unify recording management for important positions.

Branches and Offices

1.The IP phones in three branch offices and one office are unified and registered to the headquarters unified communication platform through the New Rock NAT traversal service to realize the unified communication of telephone network.

Customer benefits

1.Highly reliable voice communication guarantee

New Rock OM IP PBX supports 99.999% carrier-grade reliability and smooth and clear calls. Based on carrier-grade professional hardware platform, advanced technologies such as dual machine hot standby (main/standby switching time <5 seconds), dual power supply, dual network port redundancy, dynamic load balancing, etc. guarantee "0" voice interruption.

2.Multi-site networking, unified operation and maintenance management

The branch companies and offices are registered to the headquarters unified communication platform through the penetration service, and the headquarters carries out unified management of the equipment in the system, which effectively reduces the maintenance and operation costs in the later stage.

3.Dual master recording, meet the high requirements of financial industry recording

New Rock RMS(Recording management system)adopts a dual master deployment approach to achieve recording configuration, automatic synchronization of recording files, and high data security.

It supports 300 sites and 600 channels of recording in real-time and can centralize recording management for the whole network extensions. It also supports 9 dimensions of recording query and multi-authority multi-role management, provides professional and detailed data reports, and performs professional and refined management of recording. The recording files are stored by the NAS network and can be expanded later according to the demand.

Strong compatibility, easy to expand at a later stage

New Rock's unified communication platform provides an open API interface, which is compatible with different brands of devices and systems to achieve interoperability and meet the needs of future unified offices. With VoIP deployment, IP phones can be directly connected to the corporate network, and through automatic batch deployment, the configuration of all extensions can be completed in a short time. Follow-up expansion is easy, no need to change the unified communication platform and network architecture, just add IP phones.


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