New Rock OM8000 IP-telephony system is the latest IP PBX providing a converged solution package of telecommunication (including audio calls, video calls, high-speed fax, telephone conferencing, call recording, and mobile extensions). It satisfies the demand for a distributed network of over 10,000 extensions throughout government agencies and business groups, both of which require at least 1,000 extensions per site.OM8000 supports access for 8,000 users with 800 concurrent calls, demonstrating its powerful call processing capacity. This outstanding performance even extends to its stability, reliability, security, expandability, configurability, and more.

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Product description

· Multi-functional with powerful interface

VoIP operations, such as audio, video, fax, conferencing, and recording

Support for SIP trunking (including IMS), digital trunking①, and analog trunking②

Various add-on services, including applications for call recording management, telephone conferencing, centralized equipment management, network server system, PMS middleware*, and attendant console system*

Connection with third-party application systems and secondary development based on API *

· High performance and high stability

Distributed architecture that configures an integrated media resource card

Highly responsive concurrent call processing

Auto load balancing

· Multiple redundancy/backup methods and security protection
· mechanism

Dual system hot backup with switching time less than 5 seconds

1+1 redundancy for power supply/network port/main control card, N+1 redundancy for media resource card with auto load balancing

Encrypted signaling, media, and data transmission

Access whitelist, external user authorization, long-distance call restrictions, and more

·Flexible deployment, easy operation, and simple maintenance

Centralized single-site deployment and multi-site distributed network

Centralized equipment management to ensure efficiency operation and maintenance

Graphical configuration interface

Detailed alert report via telephone/email③/WeChat④

①Externally connected to New Rock SIP-ISDN trunking gateway (1/2/4 30B+D interfaces per unit)

②Externally connected to New Rock analog trunking gateway (2 to 96 FXO ports)

③④ paired with the New Rock Unified Management System

* Available since the firth quarter of 2019

Product features

  • OM8000 meets various telephony requirements, including deployment at a single site of LME

  • As well as a multi-site telephone network of large corporations and government agencies via internet/VPN

  • This is made possible by supporting direct connection with carriers via SIP trunk (including IMS)

  • Or connection with the carriers or other audio private networks via digital trunk or analog trunk

  • As well as connection to analog telephones, fax machines, POS , IP phones, video phones, soft-phones on PCs/cellphones/PADs

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