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Telephone is an important window for external communication of enterprises. However, according to incomplete statistics, even during working hours, the connection rate of enterprise customer service calls is only 93.7%, while during non-working hours, especially holidays, the phone loss rate can be as high as 50%. What are the ways to fundamentally reduce the phone loss rate during non-working hours?
New Rock OM series IP-PBX 24/7 IVR  breaks through the limitations of traditional switchboards. No operator, no fixed office space, not even a fixed telephone number is required. With a good IVR template in advance, a perfect on-call switchboard process can be established during non-working hours - play a welcome message during non-working hours, transfer the call to the on-call person, and then select according to the date.
The Smart Duty solution is suitable for the following scenarios.
1.There is no duty officer staying in the office, and customers call the landline unanswered after office hours
2.A welcome message with different content is played every day, such as a special offer or a discount advertisement
3.Weekend working hours are different from usual, e.g. restaurant open in the afternoon and evening on weekends

Customer value
1.Avoid missed calls: calls during non-working hours are forwarded to the cell phone of the staff on duty, so that business opportunities are not missed
2.Enhance corporate image: play different welcome messages or advertisements according to demand to enhance brand image
3.Reduce labor cost: make full use of existing resources, no need to arrange additional office staff on duty
4.Improve customer satisfaction: respond to customer calls, more satisfied customers

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