Scattered around in different places, each shop/site has the following roles,
1. Outbound call centers
Supervision of outbound call quality to provide better customer service
2. Customer complaint centers
Supervision of customer complaints handling process
To address massive information and data from each shop outlet, the headquarters will centralize the information management and run statistical analyses to uncover customer needs, evaluate service site performance, and score customer satisfaction.
The New Rock logistics IP audio solution can satisfy the communcition and management requirement between headquarters and shop/store.

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Solution Value
  • Communication Reliability

    ·The telephone service can continue uninterrupted during power outage and network disconnection.

  • Recording to Improve Customer Service Quality

    ·Recording Agent can collect and manage phone calls generated from different center

  • Local Recording Storage

    ·Audio recordings are stored in the device for future on-demand searches, and help evaluate the employee performance

  • Expedient Scalability

    ·Add or delete extensions in the system, will not interruption in the current system

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