OM20G for Fiji Convenience Store

Recently, one of the New Rock end user customers shared his experience using the OM20G IP PBX in his convenience store at Fiji with us, let's see what benefits he have since using the plug-and-play easy deployment OM20G IP PBX.

Customer values

  1. Lower communication cost
  2. Keeping the original phone number---flexible FXO ports
  3. Easy deployment without a landline, one cable will do all the work
  4. 7/24 auto attendant
  5. Multiple phone features---call recording, call parking, etc.
  6. Support mobile soft-phone---NewLync

OM2OG IP PBX has built in FXO port for connection to the local PSTN, and 2 FXS port for connect to the legacy analog extensions.

The end user can set up the customized IVR for customer inquiry with the user-friendly web GUI, enjoy the advanced features of IP telephony, such as call forwarding, auto-attendant, call routing, and interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities. These features help SME offices such as this storage manage incoming calls more effectively and provide a professional image to clients and partners.


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