VIP Customer Service

In order to establish a unified external sales and service window and realize the sharing of telephone line resources, many enterprises have adopted the IVR function. However, the traditional IVR has two shortcomings that make it difficult for customers to find someone:
1.Customers calling the IVR may be transferred to a different person each time
2.Customers cannot call back to the exact extension afterwards
As a result, not only the first call resolution rate is low, but also the customer's satisfaction with the follow-up contact is even lower.
New Rock OM series IP-PBX has built-in intelligent switchboard function, which binds the extension to the customer's phone number "with memory" and establishes a "personal service" relationship between the customer and the operator, helping the customer to "find" the problem solver in a shorter period of time. This helps customers "find" the problem solver in a shorter time and increases customer satisfaction.

Customer Value

1.Cost save and convenience

No need to build an expensive professional call center, no need to purchase external special equipment, intelligent switchboard is a built-in function of New Rock IP-PBX.

2.Flexible and practical

Users can establish or revoke the "customer-operator" binding relationship at any time through function keys or web configuration, and support single or batch binding/unbinding.

3.Good customer experience

When a customer calls for the first time, different welcome messages can be provided to different customers; when a customer calls again, the welcome message can be skipped and the operator can be connected directly.

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