Voice Firewall/ NAT Traversal

As an important component in the overall solution of enterprise unified communication, SBC is usually deployed at the border of enterprise network to span IP voice traffic in different IP domains and provide network security

SBC (Session Border Controller), the first generation SBC is SX1000; the second generation SBC is SX3000(Now OM1000-SBC).

Hardware Performance
SX3000 adopts  new hardware architecture, with significantly improved performance.
Dual power supplies: better disaster tolerance
4 network ports: connected to different IP domains
SD card: for storage and data backup
RST button: rapid restoration of factory configuration
Maximum concurrency: 600 (without encryption)
Maximum registered users: 3000 (unencrypted)

Main functions
SX3000 supports the following functions.
Traversing firewalls/NAT
Encryption/decryption of media streams and signaling to ensure information security
Voice proxy to achieve interoperability between different network IP phones
SIP terminal registration and authentication
Network disaster-tolerant escape
VoIP protocol port transformation
Security policies such as whitelisting, topology hiding, SSH management

Typical Applications
SX3000 can be deployed at the network border, behind the enterprise firewall and in the enterprise intranet, and can meet the following applications.
Enterprise networking security
Extranet SIP terminal registration
IP packet capture recording (supporting centralized and distributed)
Network disaster recovery escape

Supporting documentation
SX3000 has relatively complete documentation support, including.
Product Specifications
Installation Guide
Configuration Guide
Administrator's Guide
Maintenance Guide
Upgrade Guide
Communication Matrix

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