A reliable, secure solution to migrate from Huawei, Cisco, Avaya discontinued models

Carrier Grade IP Telephony System, Trusted by 150,000+ offices

Preserve original capacity, customized migration plan

1.New Rock provide professional solution consulting services.
2.New Rock support product mapping for user terminals, gateways, PBX, and accompanying software.
3.New Rock support phased migration without disrupting the use of the existing system.
4.After the migration is completed, users will not experience any disruptions or changes.

Stable, carrier-grade unified communication platform

A more Flexible Unified Communication Platform

Out-of-the-box feature, meeting the communication needs of enterprises with user extensions ranging from 20 to 8000, with license management, flexible scalability, and on-demand subscription.

Unified Management 10,000+ Devices

Supports UMS multi-level management, centralized management of terminals in multiple locations in hierarchical organizational structures, and provides a visual operation and maintenance dashboard, making communication management work more intuitive and traceable.


Integrate the NewLync UCaaS platform, recording management RMS, CRM, OA, HRM, and other business platforms to quickly achieve unified communication within the enterprise and improve communication efficiency.

More Reliable, Lower Prices

Customer-centric, focus on customer value

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