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Update Time:2020-08-12

Customer Profile

Sinopec Changling Refining & Chemical Company (“Changling Refining & Chemical”), formerly known as Changling Refinery.
It was built in 1965 and was completed and put into production in May 1971. At present, it has 35 sets of refining and chemical production equipment, with a crude oil processing capacity of 8 million tons per year. It is an important petrochemical industry base in Central South.

The company is located on the banks of the beautiful Dongting Lake in Yueyang, Hunan. It faces the Yangtze River in the north and the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway in the south. It is known as the "Ten Mile Oil City".

Business Challenge

Sinopec has always been at the forefront of national informatization construction.
In accordance with industry development trends, Changling Refinery has strengthened the application of information systems such as ERP, fuel cards, logistics and distribution, and office automation. However, the information infrastructure still needs to be improved.
The last telephone transformation of Changling Refinery and Chemical Corporation was more than ten years ago. The problem was that the equipment was outdated and aging, and there were single-point failures in the boards, batteries, and power supplies, which brought risks to the stability of corporate communications. On July 28, 2018, the original SPC switch crashed due to a battery failure, causing the communication of the whole plant was interrupted, which bring out the great attention on voice communication system.
In the highly protected petroleum and petrochemical field, time is life and telephones are the lifeline.
In order to solve the problem fundamentally, Changling Refining & Chemical urgently needs to deploy a new voice communication system.


According with the requirements of Changling Refinery’s voice transformation and construction, New Rock follows the principle of unified planning and step-by-step implementation to ensure that it completes the exchange without affecting the normal operation of the telephone.

Changling Refining and Chemical Factory General Administration
-  Deploy New Rock's IP-PBX OM500 (support dual-system backup and superimposition expansion) to meet the telephone construction of more than 2,300 extensions in the central office
-  Deploy SIP-ISDN gateway, accessing the original 8* 30B+D trunks, and retaining the original external number of the refinery factory
-  Deploy VoIP gateway, connecting to the original analog phone, and retaining the original extension number and dialing habits
-  Deploy Unified Management System to centrally manage New Rock IP-PBX and VoIP gateways in the network
-  New Rock IP-PBX provides API interface to connect with the original billing system
Remote Office (Hotel/Lucheng Oil Port/Yunxi Catalyst)
-  The first phase of the project retains the original third-party PBX telephone system, and connects to the central office through the New Rock ISDN trucking gateway 
-  In the second phase of the project, all third-party PBXs are replaced by New Rock IP-PBXs to realize multi-point networking

Customer Benefits

Highly reliable communication guaranteeing zero interruption of voice
The petroleum and petrochemical industry are highly dependent on the voice communication systems.
New Rock IP-PBX OM500 has 99.999% carrier-class reliability. Based on a carrier-grade professional hardware platform, it adopts advanced technologies such as dual power supplies, dual network port redundancy, dual machine hot standby, and power outage and network escape to ensure voice without any interruption.
Docking with other business systems, information innovation and integration
New Rock IP-PBX provides an open API interface, which can be connected with other information systems such as ERP/OA system, billing system, command and dispatch system which can increase the speed of enterprise business innovation and established the foundation to achieve the integration of the petroleum and petrochemical in the petrochemical industry in the future.
Efficient operation and maintenance, smart management
Through the network management monitoring system, the general administration conducts unified monitoring and centralized operation and maintenance of the entire network equipment, which greatly improving the efficiency of operation and maintenance.
Whenever the equipment is abnormal, the operation and maintenance personnel can receive phone calls, emails, and WeChat alerts to solve the problem in the first time.
Easy to deploy and expand and protect user investment
This transformation does not need to change the original phone number and phone terminal, which greatly preserves the customer's original investment. At the same time, keep using the same external dialing habits. If other places need to carry out telephone transformation or expansion in the future, it also can be achieved quickly based on the enterprise optical network.
Energy saving and environmental protection, Build green petrochemical

The deployment of the New Rock’s solution greatly saves the space and energy consumption of the engineer room. Two cabinets achieve a scale of 1,000 seats, saving more than 50% of operating costs in space and energy consumption.

Customer Feedback

"The products officially started to work on December 22, 2018. After more than 10 days of hard work, the operation and maintenance department and New Rock’s engineers have deployed more than 2,300 telephones, including the three remote offices of Hotel, Lucheng, and Yunxi Catalyst. All of them were smoothly and steadily transformed over to New Rock products. During the period, they extra working time and effort solves the hidden danger of the aging of the original program-controlled switchboard and ensure the operation of the communication in Changlian production."
                                                 ——Changling Refining and Chemical Operation and Maintenance Department

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