New Rock VoIP solution for Budget Chain Hotel

Chain hotels usually consist of headquarters and branch stores scattered in different area. In addition to daily telephone communication, the hotel headquarters also need to collect and manage the call logs and call recordings of all hotel stores for unified management. By collecting and analyze the content of voice data between stores and customers, the hotel management team could explore customer needs, evaluate store performance, etc.

New Rock budget chain hotel phone solution adopts "distributed deployment, centralized management" architecture to realize centralized management of phone recordings and remote maintenance of equipment, solving the following long-term problems of chain hotels.

-High construction and operation and maintenance costs due to a large number of stores, equipment, and systems.

-Each store is equipped with IT department, with high labor costs.High communication costs between headquarters and stores through traditional telephone solution.

-The establishment of New stores may affect the overall network architecture, making future expansions difficult to deploy.


 Hotel unified communication solution

Hotel Headquarters

  • Deploy New Rock OM series IP-PBX with maximum support of 8000 users to meet most of the hotel's telephony needs, including call queuing, multi-lingual welcome messages, one number with multi extension, call recording, message lighting, intelligent call transfer, etc.

  • Deploy multiple application servers, including.
  • 1) Recording management software. Uniformly collect the call recordings of the headquarters and all stores to provide a data basis for a customer service assessment, business disputes, customer needs mining, etc.
  • (2) Equipment unified management software (UMS). Unified management of headquarters, all stores' equipment (IP-PBX, VoIP gateway, IP phones), support for batch deployment/configuration, fault alarm, and other functions, without configuring operation and maintenance at each store. 
  • 3)Other business systems of the hotel. OM series IP-PBX provides an open API interface, which can be integrated with other business systems of the hotel (such as OA/ERP).
  • Support access to multiple PSTN and multiple phone terminals.

Hotel branches

  • Each store deploys OM series IP-PBX which can support within 200 extensions.
  • The OM series IP-PBX of hotel headquarters and stores are networked to realize free mutual dialing of extensions.
  • Each store can manage its own customer information, phone recording and build a small customer response center.
  • The hotel can expand new stores on demand without affecting the normal use of telephones in existing stores.

New Rock OM series IP-PBX

Customer value

  • Hotel headquarter can utilize unified operation and maintenance and management, easy to collect user voice data and reduce the operation and maintenance costs of each store.
  • Hotel headquarter and store tele system  are multi-site networked to  achieve mutual dialing of extensions, significantly reducing communication costs.
  • Each hotel store can implement distributed deployment, which is convenient and flexible. One store tele system failure will not affect other stores.

Headquarters unified operation and maintenance and management

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