OM20G for Indonesian Railway SOS system

Customer background

KRL Commuterline is a commuter rail system for the Jakarta metropolitan area in Indonesia. The service extends beyond Jabodetabek to Rangkasbitung in Banten and Cikarang in Bekasi Regency. The system is operated by PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI), a subsidiary of the Indonesian national railway company, PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI).

As of June 2018, the average number of KRL users per day reached 1,001,438 passengers on weekdays, with a record one-day high of 1,154,080. The passenger load is targeted to reach 1.2-million passengers per day in 2019.


Recognizing the need for improved passenger safety, KCI saw a need for a way for passengers who required assistance to easily communicate the Supervision Center of the station. They call it the “SOS Service.”
KCI was SOS service at the platforms. With the increasing number of passengers every day, KCI was eager to provide prompt help to passengers who get in trouble and need assistance from the station staff. Also, the staff can report to the Supervision Center immediately in case of emergency without the need to run to the station office to report.


PT Berkat Sahabat Komunikasi (Beskom), New Rock’s distributor in Indonesia provided KCI with the complete solution, which includes one OM20G IP-PBX, one video phone and five SOS devices for each station.

* OM20G is an All-in-one IP-PBX for small business less than 20 people, having rich features, including recording, mobile extension, mini contact center and FoIP.

The SOS devices, are SIP endpoints that include the emergency button, an IP camera, a speaker, and a microphone, are installed at various locations on the platform. The passenger can press the button to call the monitoring room, where the New Rock OM20G IP-PBX and video phone are installed. The OM20G handles the video call from SOS device to the video phone, allowing the monitoring room to hear and see the emergency and what help the passenger urgently requires.

A total of 10 stations have been installed in the first-phase deployment.


1.No need for telephone wiring, fast deployment with IP telephony solution.
2.The monitoring room can see and hear clearly what is happening by using video phone and take the action immediately for the passenger who presses the SOS button.
3.KCI is very satisfied with the solution that they’ve had trying to figure out and waiting so long to have.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Beskom for supplying the very good solution and contributing to their country’s Railway security.

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