New Rock UMS Tech Training Review

  Real-time monitoring and management

  New Rock UMS is used for unified management and remote maintenance of New Rock OM series IP-PBX and MX series VoIP gateways.

  UMS supports monitoring device operation status,batch distribution,and upgrading software,effectively helping ITSP,system integrators,LME to realize smart and efficient device management and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

  UMS Features

  Unified management

  Unified management of MX VoIP Gateway,OM IP PBX,NRP IP Phones

  Remote configuration

  Remote configuration,batch operation,template distribution,automatic backup

  Easy upgrade

  Manual upgrades,automatic upgrades,scheduled upgrades,upgrade logs,upgrade package management

  Fault alarms

  Device status monitoring,real-time alarms,WeChat,and email alarm notification

  Multi-level access

  Multi-level authority management,function operation authority,operation log


  Automated batch configuration,template distribution,automated backup configuration,logging,automated upgrades

  Flexible deployment

  Support for trans network deployment,public network deployment,automatic synchronization of cloud devices


  High performance,low configuration requirements,a common single server can manage

  Easy to use

  Friendly interface,easy to use,practical features


  Chinese and English language support

  Tech training video,please go to

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