New Rock celebrated 20th anniversary in Shanghai Head-quarter!

On the 14th of July, New Rock Technology celebrated its 20th birthday. Twenty years have flown by, and New Rock has evolved from a start-up team into a thriving and growing enterprise.

In September 2002, the company's founders, Yang Bing and Lin Hua decided to develop the VoIP product in China, they finished one year preparation in the U.S. to determine the positioning of the product, and completed product development in the U.S. They back to the country in May 2003, and finish the production of the first functional prototype, the one and only product MX100.

(Mr.Duan & Mr.Wu)

With excellent stability and reliability, the New Rock VoIP gateway products were quickly favored by users as soon as they were launched. However, at that time, most of the enterprises were still in the initial stage of communication system, and they were totally dependent on the operators to provide the resources and equipment.

Good products always speak for themselves. 

The gateway is well received by users and has attracted the attention of China Mobile and other large carriers.

In 2007, New Rock launched the first Officium series IP PBX, which is also commonly known as OM equipment. From the first generation of OM10 to OM4, 12, 20, 50, and now OM8000 products continue to iterate, evolution. 

New Rock let the enterprise communication become more cool and advanced, yet, the original intention of New Rock has not changed, more and more enterprise users experience the magic of voice over IP, and the convergent high efficiency communication with New Rock product.

(2023 China Channel Partner meeting in Shanghai)

Twenty years have gone by, new era has coming. Let’s embark on the new journey!

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