How much is a hotel phone system

Your hotel's telephone system can be a costly burden or a beneficial asset. Even in a world where guests prefer to bring their own devices and may never pick up an in-room phone, your team will still need to connect with each other and the outside world. In fact, phone calls are still a strong business driver for many hotels!

The telephone setup that hotels use is called a Hospitality Phone System. They have the same functions as a regular business telephone system with a few special features to accommodate hotel requirements.

Whether you’re building out a new property or considering a tech upgrade, here’s what you need to know about PBX business phone systems for hotels.

What a telephone system can do for your hotel

Weddings, event management, conference and venue have become an essential part of today’s portfolio of services offered by many hotels.

With this change it is estimated that 80% of employees in the hotel and hospitality industry are now mobile. This in turn has made the challenge of providing a best in class customer experience even more demanding. At the heart of this is the ability to contact key members of staff. Be it the events team manager or the estates team, the night porter or the general manager, speed of contact can make the difference between a good or bad customer review.

How Much Does A Hotel Phone System Cost?

The factors most influencing price are hardware, added features, wiring and installation, and maintenance or data plan charges. Be sure to carefully compare vendor packages.

A traditional PBX system includes a central cabinet and phones. Additional costs apply for installation (a one-time fee sometimes included with purchase), plus the cost of any maintenance visits.

With IP PBX, businesses may own equipment outright or rent from the vendor. Thus, costs assume a router purchase or rental fee, any needed phones, and monthly service plan.

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