Elevator Emergency Call System with FXS+FXO Hybrid Gateway

3 Major Problems the Elevator Call System Facing

Aged Device

The old systems reached the lifecycle and have to be upgraded. However, there are no innovative alternative solutions now.

POTS Phased Out

The old system connected to the traditional T1, or analog outside line provided by the telecom operator, are becoming expensive and face the risk of withdrawing from the market in the near future.

Function Missing

The traditional elevator emergency call system is unable to face the ever-changing market requirement. Rectification of the elevator  emergency call system is very urgent.

4 Major Advantages of New Rock Proposal

1.No need to replace the existing elevator emergency call box or rewire, saving a significant amount  of rectification costs and time.

2.Supports all types of call boxes (FXS and FXO) and offers simple configuration for easy call initiation and termination. Saves a lot of installation and deployment time.

3.Provides a unified wireless or external line emergency failover channel for elevator emergency calls, ensuring call reliability in emergency situations.

4.Successfully installed and deployed in 1000+ buildings in the U.S.

Elevator Emergency Call System with FXS & FXO Hybrid Gateway

1.The legacy extensions and elevator intercoms  register to the FXS+FXO hybrid gateway via FXS Port.

2.The FXS+FXO hybrid gateway registers to SIP server via the web admin portal, utilize the PBX features.

3. FXS registers to the SIP server through the Internet, and the FXO ports connect to PSTN.

4.Using the failover function of the gateway, when the SIP server is not accessible, the calls will be sent to the FXO ports.

Why New Rock?

Carrier Grade, certified by telecom operator

Seasoned Expert ,20+years VoIP experience

Standard SIP, compatible with all cloud PBX

Leverage the Legacy, all types of call boxes (FXS and FXO),analog/T1 transform

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