ITSP Solution with New Rock MX series Gateways

Solution Background
With the rapid deployment of fiber access, telecom operators in many countries have actively promoted the stop of POTS plain old telephone system and migrating users on traditional POTS (including 30B+D lines) to the IMS platform.

Office end users are facing high old device maintenance fees, gradually migrating to cloud/hosted PBX systems to cut office communication costs.

Solution Description
On-premises deploy MX series gateway in the end-user office.
Connect to the analog extensions via the FXS port.
MX gateway registers to the ITSP cloud/hosted PBX via the SIP protocol.
Keep the original outside phone numbers via FXO to the PSTN.

Remote manage and batch configure the device via UMS or New Rock cloud platform.

Solution Advantage
Compact: Supports 2-96 FXS/FXO port combination
Reliable: Supports dual network, dual power supply redundancy(optional)
Flexible concurrency: Supports high/low concurrency under various voice codecs, users can choose based on different call volumes.

Highly compatible: support multi-sip-based PBX platform, Asterisk, 3CX, RingCentral, etc.

Solution Suit for
End-user customers with analog phones, keep the legacy extension.
Migrate to the cloud / hosted PBX Platform
Keep the original numbers.

Communication system redundancy, emergency failover

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