Save 1,000 Dollars/Month with MA50-LS Gateway

POTS Replacement Solution Background

The Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) is gradually being phased out in many areas as telecommunications companies shift towards modern digital and internet-based communication technologies.

Telecom operators are raising monthly service fees on analog landline and PRI lines, driving users to migrate to IP-based platforms, which offer more advanced features, cost savings, and greater flexibility. 🚩

On the enterprise side, besides migrating to VoIP system, some of the clients still want to keep the analog terminals for some emergency critical scenarios, such as analog elevator emergency buttons, fire alarms, and call boxes, which need PSTN for emergency failover.

POTS Replacement Solution

MA50-LS comes in handy with the POTS replacement.
1. Build-in FXS port for analog terminals migrate to cloud PBX
2. Support IP extension registration for cloud PBX failover
3.4G module for internet failover
4. Back-up battery for power failover

5. FXO port for PSTN connection when the internet and power fail, emergency lifeline ability guaranteed.

Customer Value
1. Save hundreds of dollars per month on phone bills

Higher & higher PRI Rate


2. Unified management and remote troubleshooting by New Rock UMS
3. All-in-one POTS migration failover

Customer-centric, focus on customer value

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