How to use New Rock auto provisioning

Have you been hassled by any of the following?

-  Time-consuming on-site installation and parameter configuration with potential exposure of passwords.

-  Remote login to the web interface for maintenance (regardless of parameter configuration or software update).

-  Data backup for device replacement.

To eliminate such hassles, our solution allows auto provisioning. The administrator uploads the preset configuration file to the storage server by following specific rules. When connected to the internet, the device discovers the server that contains the configuration file according to a specific strategy. Auto system configuration is performed after the configuration file is downloaded.

In this regard, the plug-and-play device upon installation, and bulk parameter modification or software update in times of maintenance, significantly reducing operation and maintenance costs while improving efficiency.

Do New Rock’s devices support plug and play?

Yes. The MX voice gateways, OM IPPBX, and NRP series IP telephones support built-in auto provisioning mechanism. With this mechanism activated, the device will auto detect the server that contains the configuration file when the system is rebooted or at a specific cycle to complete parameter modification.

How does the device discover the server that contains the configuration file?

Here are two ways:

-  The server address should be preset in the device.

-  The device obtains the server address while obtaining its own address from the DHCP server.

How are the common parameters bulk configured?

The device obtains two types of configuration files from the server:

-  Shared configuration file: used to modify the common parameters of all devices under the same model

-  The own configuration file (identified by the MAC address): used to modify the unique parameters of each device

In deploying devices under the same model for bulk configuration, their common parameters are preset in the shared configuration file.

How are parameters modified automatically whenever required?

The device usually reboots or cyclically accesses the provisioning server to determine the necessity of configuration.

In case that one device impromptu requires parameter modification, a “check-sync” instruction can be sent via the SIP server to trigger an auto provisioning.

To deploy a large number of devices, just build a storage server and utilize auto provisioning.

Your expertise in secure and highly efficient installation, as well as auto provisioning for maintenance in the future, definitely dazzles your employer and customers.

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