Upscale Hotel ONU

Customer Background

Wyndham is world class hotel group, one of its hotel has 200 rooms in one building in Shanghai, hotel management team want to build a unified hotel room internet to improve customer experience and improve brand image.

Customer Requirement

-ONU for IP phone and IP TV
-Good for hotel brand image
-Smooth deployment
-On-site Maintenance

New Rock solution

-Deployed OM200G IP PBX and high-end color screen IP phones

-Deployed one ONU for services such as wireless/wired Internet access, telephone voice, IPTV, video surveillance, guest room control, etc.

-ONU registers to New Rock OM IP-PBX through the hotel LAN  and connects to the analog telephone to allow the room phone perfectly functioned.

-Provides PMSI to interface with the hotel PMS to achieve rich hotel business management functions.

Feature Function

-Unified management system

-Connected to IMS network via ONU

-Wewei soft-phone for mobile working

-Dual-redundant Gigabit-Ethernet ports

-Dual AC/DC power supplies

-Class I lightning protection

Customer Value

-Easy wiring and maintenance

-Unified management

-Fast deployment help the hotel run smoothly during the system upgrade

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