Frequent Asked questions-----New Rock OM series IP PBX

New Rock OM IP PBX design is not based on any known framework, but implement by ourselves.

  1.The main difference between the embedded software and Asterisk?

  Asterisk is an open source and server based

  New Rock IP PBX runs on embedded Linux, and is hardware specific, cannot run elsewhere.

  2.Can users have root-level access to the system configurations for modifications or integrations?Access to MySQL database,CLI root access, etc. Will you provide the PBX API?

  Yes.New Rock IP PBX can provide API interface.The API application has several levels of control commands and can be used to query the relevant information of the OM device itself.

  3.Licensing.Do New Rock separately charge user license fees for features, trunks,or extensions?

  NO.New Rock do not charge any user license fees for features, trunks, or extensions

  4.Are IVRs, call recording, voicemails,call center all part of basic features?

  IVRs, call recording, voicemails are all part of basic features.For New Rock call center application users need to pay a license for the Neehau soft-console app for OM20G,OM50G and OM80E.

  5.Able to use a variety of SIP based endpoints-virtually any SIP based endpoint(CPEs&/or IP Phones)will connect and work very well with the PBX.

  Yes, as long as it supports standard SIP.

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