New Rock VoIP Solution with IoT-----Application in Car industry


  New Rock VoIP Solution with IoT-----Application in Car industry

  5G brings opportunities for the Internet of Vehicles development,and the intensive release of industrial policies accelerates the landing of IoV project.

  In this wave,China Telecom increases its strategic layout and joins hands with New Rock IOV solution to enable E-Call,B-Call and I-Call capabilities through VoIP applications.

  New Rock IOV solution helps Tianyi,a wholly owned of subsidiary of China Telecom,accelerate its IoT strategy landing.

  New Rock VoIP in Car industry

  New Rock IoT solution

  ---In a vehicle breakdown or traffic accident,the driver can contact the Telematics Customer Service Center through the car review mirror which function as a communicate terminal.

  ---The connected customer service center receives the request for help and then proactively recommends a phone number of the nearest auto 4S store or insurance company to the car rear view mirror

  ---The driver will choose whether to make the call with one click.When the car owner chooses to make the call,the car rearview mirror through the embedded softphone software will call the designated the car 4S store or insurance company.After receiving the distress call,the car owner will be connected to the service

  ---When the car store or insurance company has a question and needs to confirm with the driver,they can call the car through network service directly.The IoV customer service will transfer the call to the corresponding car rerview mirror terminal according to the car owner ID provided by the car 4S store or insurance company.The car rerview mirror terminal will receive the call and connect the call to the driver.

  ---Calls will be recorded as evidence for future dispute solving.

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