Why is a Hotel Phone System Important

A hotel's communication process is crucial to its success. Businesses in the hospitality sector can now improve their bottom line by upgrading their telephone systems to a cost-effective IP-PBX. Going beyond internal and external calls, the communication system needs to be able to allow the guests to communicate with the hotel's staff through a variety of means, wherever they may be. Allowing a variety of clever functions such as scheduled wake up calls, room status allocation, text messaging guest with offers and promotions, All this needs to be streamlined with the check-in and ensure a call is never missed.

Having a flexible and modern phone system is crucial to the growth of your hospitality service. This system plays a variety of roles in your hotel’s economy – from delivering outstanding guest experience, to integrating with your CRM system, it’s important that you choose the best hotel phone system to suit your individual requirements.

A hotel telephone system is a clear example of equipment that can help an enterprise business to benefit from a range of functions. In the first place, the communication required by staff throughout a hotel is essential – receptionists will use the telephone system to book rooms, while other staff – in a gym or restaurant, for example – will often use a telephone system to make appointments. In both of these cases, a quality telephone system can help, and the features that come with it can be invaluable.

Hotel staff can try to take every call that comes in, but this might not always be possible. Many systems will allow staff to create automated functions that work with an easy-to-use computer system or app. If guests need a wake-up call, they can set one without speaking to reception; if a guest wants to book a meal, they can use the phone in their room. It goes without saying that, in a large hotel, allowing for this kind of function can significantly reduce the hours that might otherwise be spent on managing tedious tasks; additionally, automating these processes can help customers to enjoy their stay without spending time waiting on the phone.

The role of a hotel telephone system has changed dramatically since the rise of smart phone technology – with guests preferring their mobile phones over traditional hotel systems. But don’t be fooled – even though it’s no longer a direct revenue-earner, choosing the right telephone system is no less critical to your hotel’s overall success, whether it’s traditional, hosted or a cloud based solution or taking advantage of overhead savings using SIP.

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